Retail Services in EU and Beyond

 Pinpoint Engineer Surveys 

Full site survey including CAD drawings, photos, videos and any type of additional information you may require for your project from site. Lite survey is a quick, short option of site survey what includes a lot of photos and some critical measurement to catch the main information for the project

 Installations and Maintenance 

Our trained professionals can install millwork to your stores, repair existing millwork or safely pack and remove it to storage. We offer a wide variety of maintenance works for your retail points and we are capable of undertaking multiple sites in several countries if you need to swiftly change the seasonal displays, logos, decorations or the whole concept – give us a call and we shall be there for you. Real time and daily reports is what you get when working with us – you shall be always informed of what is happening on site. In addition to millwork and furniture handling our teams are ready to remodel the space for your new store – ask as for a general construction quote and we shall come back to you with a reasonable proposal

Merchandising and Product Placement

Finding a reliable and a responsible merchandiser can be a headache, but if you need ten of them? Or if you need new products to appear in your stores and vitrines in one night, let’s say in one night all over your country?  Contact us and we shall plan it for you.